Our store is unique, in that we offer two options for people looking to change up their wardrobe. Option one is to simply sell your items. We can assess pieces individually or by the lot, and offer a price that works for both you and the store. Generally, a "buy out"  works out to approximately 30% to 40% of the 'ideal' selling price.
Option two is to consign, where we sell items on your behalf, with the

Consignor receiving 50% of items priced $0-$499 , 60% of items priced $500-$999 and 70% of items priced $1000 & up.

At the end of the 60 day consignment period we ask that the consignor check in to settle their account via email. If the consignor would like any items returned they must be picked up within the 14 day grace period after the consignment period has ended. Items that are not picked up will become store property.  

You can find more details on this process in our contract

Brilliant Consignment Contract

We encourage you to ask questions and decide which option is best for you!
Now that you have decided to purge your closet, let us give you an idea of what we are looking for.  We love our customers and want them to have the best selection of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. This means we only accept in season and contemporary items in excellent pre-owned condition. We only take better brands and designer labels. This means mall brands, or chain store labels from Joe Fresh, Target, Sears, Gap, Old Navy and Walmart are a no-go (with the exception of select Banana Republic and Club Monaco pieces). Labels that aren’t easily available in our area will definitely be considered such as J Crew and Anthropologie, etc.
Keeping with current styles and trends is very important to us . Our customers are not looking for dated or vintage items. Please keep in mind that even if an item has only been worn once in the past ten years , it is still 10 years old. Labels like Linda Lundstrum and Jax, while very nice, will still not be considered.  However, luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel will always be acceptable, as long as they are authentic. Non authentic items will be donated immediately.
For additional info, check out our DESIGNERS section, and remember we are only a phone call or email away. No appointments necessary.